Khome Global Logistics is one of the best shipping agents in Port Harcourt that manages all kinds of relocation needs and ensures the timely delivery. With the widespread of our business partners across the continent and beyond, we ensure safe movement and delivery. We are positioned to provide all necessary logistics to back you up whether you are prepared to move or arrive at your new location. We are poised to deliver solutions to meet all your relocation needs. We are the best Logistics Companies in Lagos.
One area we have built a niche is in relocating offices With our logistic skill, we move all kinds of equipment and gadget safely. We are able to attain this feat by our resolve to collectively commit resources to planning, time management and good organization. In this light, Khome services have all the in-depth know-how and capacity that are vital in handling office relocations even across borders. Our clients are led to trust us by our unmatched standing as a professional service provider as it concerns handling relocation of personal and office properties on a wider scale with speed and best possible competence.
On completion of relocation, we offer added destination services by mobilizing a team of professionals to unpack your items.. With your presence at the new location, we implore the team to get you up and running upon arrival without having you go through the stress of unpacking. We setup plans to ensure swift arrangement with our clients.
Our top class service coordination relies on a stream of communication channels which has enabled us to meet our targets in due time. We offer our relocation and logistics management services in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa. We utilize our unified network of freight forwarding operations in over 50 countries to achieve the delivery of valuable commodities with utmost professionalism and ease.
Khome is uniquely positioned in its ability to offer a wide range of services for your ocean freight. Our global network provides you with a complete worldwide transportation and distribution solution. Our range of service capabilities include
  • FCL and LCL services
  • Specialized loading facilities
  • Conventional cargo handling
  • On-site container stuffing facilities
  • Project forwarding
  • Break-bulk
  • Documentation preparation
Khome is positioned as a global partner that offers variety of in-house international import, export and custom brokerage services that are customized to meet your business needs no matter where in the world. With the high level of experience in freight forwarding and transportation for Air shipments equipped with site liaison offices at various international airports across the country; our air freight service has also extended to every airport across the globe with the aid of our network. Our range of service capabilities include
  • Must fly/Express Air freight
  • Premium consolidation
  • Economy consolidation
  • Full charter
  • Part charter
  • On board courier
  • Fully bonded airfreight terminal
  • Custom declaration, storage, trans-shipment and door to door delivery services
Khome provides a well regulated transportation services with a guarantee and affirmation of safe handling of the clients commodities. We aim to deliver all products and goods in impeccable condition, thereby providing absolute satisfaction to our clients. We use the best vehicles for transportation within and outside the shores of Nigeria (West Africa region). Our range of service capabilities include
  • Full national coverage of all states and west Africa countries
  • Full goods in transit insurance
  • Complete control throughout the shipment process
  • Delivery of reports and information at every stage of the operation
  • Modern comprehensive vehicle fleet
  • 20 & 40 foot container carriage
Khome operates with a comprehensive skilled team that offers sophisticated packing, removal and relocation services to our clients. Whatever your requirements are, Khome will work towards meeting the needs of our clients. We offer these services domestically or internationally. We pack, remove and relocate
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Personal effects
  • Office effects
  • Commercial cargoes
  • Dismantling and reinstallation of mobile office structure and machinery
  • Industrial relocation
Khome warehousing system utilizes expertise in warehousing and transportation to offer incomparable advantages to our clients. We offer safe, secure and clean facilities with quality trained personnel to meet the exacting service needs of our customers. With the presence of our top notch warehouse and its process, it has enabled us to be efficient in logistic management and it ensures every shipment from door to door will be delivered to the destination within the estimated time.
Khome offers worldwide range of courier services to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on offering courier services that are flexible, low in cost, fast and secure. We also offer arrangement of the collection and delivery of small consignments locally and internationally.
Custom Brokerage and clearance
Khome is a leading Logistics Companies in Lagos that offer professional and effective customs clearance of shipments. Our hands-on approach is unique giving our clients the very best service they need. Khome Shipping Agents in Port Harcourt provides a wide variety of shipping services to customers in various industries and supports the company’s services. We act on the behalf of the importer/exporter for the best tariff implementation in line with Nigeria government customs policy offering fast, trustable and right services. Khome undertakes clearing and forwarding service without relying on third parties, staff clears all cargo. We handle all clearance for all cargo either Air or Sea, FCL or LCL, Break Bulk and vehicles. Our ranges of Customs Brokerages Services are;

  • Arrangement of all processed documents such as, Form M, Insurance certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR), commercial invoice, proforma invoice, air waybill(for air shipments), SONCAP (if necessary), NAFDAC permit (For drugs, chemicals and food).
  • Collection of documents from Airlines and their agents, handling charges and fees.
  • Processing of Custom Bill of Entry through the Nigeria Customs Services.
  • Positioning of shipment for Assessment and release.
  • Arrangement of offloading to any designated point of delivery
  • Documentation and process arrangement required within Nigeria for exporting.
  • Handling of diplomatic shipments.
  • Liaison with governmental agencies and keeping companies apprise of any new development in regards to the regulations of import and exports.
  • Returned goods procedure
  • Cross border trade procedures
  • Health certificate and control certificate


The following are required to Customs clear Air shipments upon arrival in Nigeria:
  • Original international passport of consignee
  • Original Resident permit/ green card (for non-Nigerians)
  • Air waybill (AWB) rightly consigned
  • Packing list
NB: Customs clearance takes about 3-5days from receipt of all requirements before final delivery.
The following are required to Customs clear Sea shipments upon arrival in Nigeria:
  • Original international passport of consignee
  • Original resident permit/ green card (non-Nigerians)
  • Consignee’s signature on the original Bill of lading (OBL) and a letter of authority
  • Packing list
NB: Customs clearance takes 10-15 working days from receipt of all requirements before final delivery. There will be duty payable on cars and new items, as advised by Customs. Cars above 8 years are not allowed into the country. The log book and any other relevant vehicle papers will be required for Customs clearance.
A Risk Assessment Report (RAR) is required and to get this processed, the following would be required:
  • Form M
  • CCVO (Combined Certificate of Value and Origin)
  • Packing list
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Copy of Insurance
  • Air Waybill (AWB) for Air shipments; OBL for sea shipments
  • SONCAP (if applicable)
  • NAFDAC permit (for chemicals, drugs and food)
The requirements:
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Valued Inventory
  • Copy of consignee’s passport and resident permit (personal effects)
These are shipments belonging to Embassies and High commissions; or persons with diplomatic status in Nigeria. Such shipments are duty-free and are not physically examined by Customs here in Nigeria. The following are required to clear diplomatic shipments:
  • Original Bills of lading duly endorsed by the consignee, stamped by the applicable Embassy and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Form CC1 and/or CC2 and/or CC3 duly stamped by Customs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the applicable Embassy. Form CC1 applies to personal effects, CC2 to alcohol and CC3 to vehicles
  • Packing list stamped by the Embassy
  • Vehicle papers if applicable
  • Consignee’s passport page (for an individual diplomat)
  • 8 letters of authority from the Embassy, each addressed to NCS (Nigeria Customs Service), the applicable shipping company, NPF (Nigeria Police Force), SSS (State Security Service), NAFDAC (National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control), NDLEA (Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency), Plant Quarantine, DNI (Directorate of Naval Intelligence); duly endorsed and stamped by the Embassy

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